Double Deep Racking is very similar to Wide Aisle Racking as in it uses much of the same components, such as the adjustable steel frames and beams.

The difference is as the name suggests, it allows the pallets to be stored up to 2 deep on the bay whilst being accessible to the operator on the same aisle. However the deep pallet can not be reached with a conventional forklift and needs to be fitted with telescopic forks to reach the rear of the rack from the aisle.

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Great for bulk storage

Benefits and Drawbacks to Double Deep Racking

  • Doubles the storage capacity, allowing better use of the available space.
  • Number of aisles are reduced allowing a higher density of storage to increase the storage facility efficiency
  • More of the stock is available in Double Deep Racking compared to those of a Drive In Racking system
  • One the easier systems to assemble and tends to be one of the lower costing solutions
  • At higher levels the visibility of the rear pallet can cause difficulty, resulting in possible product damage and loss of productivity in the picking process
  • Need for specialist forklift equipment


To decide whether A Double Deep Racking system is ideal, you may need to consider whether you are in need of a First In, Last Out (FILO) system.

Also is there a storage of multiple pallets containing the same product or bulk storage, this is will make system as space efficient as possible due to the reduced number of aisles increasing stock density and creating more available space elsewhere.

Both pallets can be accessed from the same aisle

Storing pallets two deep allows for less aisles to be used


Although the speed of access is reduced to the pallets this can be overturned by implementing an efficient management system of stock it takes advantage of the increased storage density allowing faster turn around times.