narrow aisle pallet racking


Narrow aisle pallet racking can give great benefit to any layout where floor space is at a premium or whether you require a density of stock storage solution.

Aisle width tend to be around the 1.8 metre mark which means the floor space can be much better utilized and on average can increase pallet counts by around 45% more than traditional pallet racking systems. However this means that narrow aisle fork trucks must be used but can greatly improve the efficiency of the floor space can be managed more efficiently.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Why Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking may be best for you:

  • Decrease in the time it takes to pick pallets.
  • High density of storage .
  • Better utilization of space.
  • Offers the best configuration for maximum storage.
  • The initial cost of a specialist fork truck is offset by the value added to the storage system.
  • Offers easy and individual access to pallets stored.


The reason why narrow aisle pallet racking is not in every warehouse is because this system is altered to modern day fork lift trucks. As these require less room to move between aisles and whilst picking pallets, therefore this storage system is designed to be as narrow as possible.

Finally this system then allows for a greater maximisation of storage and increase your return on investment (ROI). Also a narrow aisle fork truck can lift pallets higher and work faster than normal counter balance for lift trucks. This can then massively improve the pick rates of pallets and loading/ unloading times; as the racking system is set up in a narrow configuration it means the picker has accessibility to greater amounts of stock allowing for increases in stock rotation. Narrow aisles racking systems allow for the bay to be open, which means the operator has access to every pallet stored within the bay. This makes it easy for selecting the correct pallet and will cause a drop in operating mistakes.


Because the aisles are narrower it allows for a higher density of stock to be stored and less floor space. The main advantage to this is that workers are less likely to leave pallets around the warehouse, such as on the floor. With narrow aisle pallet racking this means the less debris there is lying around it diminishes a hazard for the workers, thus making the floorspace a safer area to work in.

This pallet storage solution can be used by all types of companies as the aisles are narrow it means this system can be implemented into small or limited spaces to offer storage for small amounts of stock, but also for businesses that wish to grow into large areas as its high density makes narrow aisle and incredibly viable option for the majority of business..