There are many types of pallet racking accessories to customize and best utilize your pallet racking system for any specific needs of storage or protection for the racking upright against and operator mistakes. Pallet racking accessories are implemented to help preserve the life time of the pallet racking against damages. These are often looked over but have a small cost compared to having to repair frames or beams.

Some of these pallet racking accessories include:


Decking can be applied across the bay to allow more versatility to storage and can be applied in a number of materials however the most commonly used is:

  • Timber decking
  • Mesh decking
  • Chipboard decking
  • Wooden decking

These are the most requested types of decking as it allows singular or multiple boxes to be stored on bays where pallets are not required, often used in picking process on the low level beam so no fork truck is required, also these low level bays can be used in the manufacturing process as it offers a sturdy and cost effective workspace. Mesh decking on the other hand is used commercially as it offers greater sturdiness to the racking, most commonly in steel.

Rack Protection

Pallet racking protection is there to minimalize the effect of when a frame gets damaged. These are commonly used for when human error occurs e.g. when the fork truck operator hits the racking upright with the fork truck. To prevent the effects of this the following can be implemented:

  • Corner column guards
  • Wrap-around rack barrier
  • Rack end barrier

These can be made to fit all sizes of pallet racking and can be fitted with relative ease. Corner column guards offer protection only on the corners so the middle of the uprights are exposed but however are the most cost efficient. Normally used for pallet racking systems in between aisles where mistakes can occur. Rack end barriers sit just off the end of the frame but allow protection across the frame, useful at the end of double runs and single runs towards the center aisle where a lot of fork truck traffic passes. Wrap around rack barriers work similarly to Rack end barriers just offers full protection as it incases the whole run of racking.

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The different types of Pallet Racking for you to choose from...