Pallet Racking - Mezzanine Floors - Commercial Interiors

Building creative solutions. Designing, supplying, installing and maintaining.

Our installation phase

At UK Racking we place a huge emphasis on installing pallet racking systems to the highest standards to meet your requirements in safest and most efficient manner. We only use reliable and experienced installers that know the equipment inside and out. Our installers are certified with the right accreditation and follow SEMA guidelines to carry out the project and work to the most efficient and professional manner possible, this gives you full confidence in the service we are offering that deadlines will be met and the project meets the highest of expectations. Whether it be pallet racking installation or the installation of a mezzanine floor or even a commercial interior, we always work to the highest standards available.
UK Racking LTD is also a CHAS accredited company.

Whatever your needs we will install the very best equipment available.


We design types of warehousing solutions for Pallet Racking, Mezzanine Floors and Commercial Interiors. Whatever your needs simply get in touch to discuss and we will try to assist you to create your ideal workspace.


We supply all of our projects under the required time constraints and with little mishap whilst maintaining the highest quality of service and guidance throughout your project.


We install your warehousing solution exactly to your specification as signed off at the design stage so you know exactly what you are expecting with no hidden costs.


A huge part of the UK Racking LTD ethos is building an instant and strong relationship with our customers. It is always important to have a reliable partner who can help you maintain and service your pallet ranking, making sure of your safety and ongoing peace of mind and rest assured confidence in the works being carried out.


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