Mobile pallet racking is a dynamic storage solution that can offer up to double the storage capacity in the same are as conventional pallet racking systems. This works by each shelving unit being installed above one another on a laterally sliding frame, allowing the operator direct access to each pallet (individual selectivity).

How Does It Work? The whole system is controlled by a control panel that the operator uses, this allows for each individual lane to opened by the moving frame which in turn creates the aisle and access the required pallet that needs to be picked. Mobile Pallet Racking has a similar layout to Drive In Pallet Racking just the difference is the operator can create the desired aisle to give them direct access instead of a 1 or 2 way entry point.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Gain maximum utilization of floorspace to storage

Benefits of Mobile Pallet Racking

  • Safe and secure – when the storage lanes are closed they can be locked on the control panel, ideal for valuable items
  • Maximum utilization of floorspace – incredibly dense storage and only need for one operating aisle, offering up to 90% of your floor space to pallet racking whilst allowing 100% access and selectivity to pallets.
  • Improves the speed of operation – compared to Drive In it allows for greater selectivity and open access is not locked off to 1 or 2 points.
  • Ideal for cold stores aswell – can be fully operational up to -30 C degree.


The bases for these mobile systems are motorised and the roll over guide rails come with safety systems to provide the most secure and efficient operations possible.

This systems then ensures that in the aisle manoeuvring process, human errors are kept to a minimum with regards to moving the frames. Allowing for a safe and efficient storage system.

Our Mobile Pallet Racking systems offer maximum density whilst have pallet selectivity

Minimal requirements for aisles allow up 90% of floorspace to be pallet racking


Who Uses Mobile Pallet Racking?

Mobile pallet racking offers a great benefit to cold store environments where space is at a minimum and high density storage is needed, although it has motorised parts they are still operational even in low temperatures.

Also drive in pallet racking is popular in the food and drink sector as it works on the First in First Off (FIFO) which provides great efficiency of stock rotation where its needed, however this system can also be used in First In Last Off (FILO) as it offers a greater density to storage it is also ideal for bulk storage. This system therefore is very versatile and is great for anyone looking to maximise their storage environment in a limited space. .