This method of pallet racking uses special beams and a pushback assembly sub frames allowing the carts to move forwards and backwards along the bay. .

A good point about this pallet racking is that it is a Dynamic Storage System, allowing you to store the pallets back up to five deep maximising your space also allowing your stock to be more organised. This is ideal for warehouses of bulk stock, both where the inventory is slow and fast moving meaning. Push Back Pallet Racking allows the warehouse to get the best stock rotation possible. There is also no need for any specialist forklift and therefore can be utilized in most structures.

Push Back Pallet Racking

Ideal for good stock rotation

Benefits and drawbacks of Push Back Pallet Racking

  • There is no need for a specialist forklift.
  • Allows multiple pallets to be stored in one lane.
  • Increased efficiency with load and unload times as the pallet is presented towards the aisle.
  • Durability is improved as the operator does not need to drive in to the rack, minimalizing damage to the structure.
  • The individual carts on the lane may need maintenance work.
  • A loss of overall vertical height as there is a slope on the rails that needs to be taken into consideration.
  • A larger depth of each bay means there will be a loss of aisle space.


How it works?

Push Back Pallet Racking uses a system of carts that surround the base of the pallet, stacked upon each other whilst each being on a slight incline this is what allows each pallet to push back on its own individual cart.

This means the first pallet takes the position on the first cart nearest to the aisle, when the next pallet is ready to be stored it is pushed onto the previous pallet. The second pallet then goes onto its own cart and now the second pallet is closest to the aisle placing the first pallet behind it. Once all the carts are used up the last pallet takes the spot on the rails themselves as there is no more carts deep enough to back. When the pallet nearest to the aisle is removed the cart behind fills in the space, making it as easy as possible for the forklift driver to take the next pallet.

Saves time for loading and unloading times, each pallet has a designated cart.

Can store multiple pallets per level


When all the inventory is removed from the carts the all stack back up on each other nearest to the aisle reloaded and ready for the next use. Push Back Pallet Racking is a convenient way to store goods compared to those of a Drive-In Racking system in the scenario of a high rotation of inventory as this works on a first in, last out (FILO) system. Making errors is massively minimised by giving each pallet a dedicated lane to be stored in.

Anyone looking to maximize there storage capacity in a warehouse is An ideal client for Push Back Pallet Racking or other Pallet Racking systems. Contact us to find out the best racking solution for your company.