Warehouse Pallet Racking has become an essential part of any warehouse infrastructure and is now one of most versatile and efficient storage systems on the market to date for storing large palletized to boxes and individual items. .

Used all over the world in various forms it is a tried and tested storage solution to increase to maximize existing space for storage of products whilst also optimizing the efficiency of the picking process (stock turnover).

Key areas of the warehouse are considered when designing a warehouse racking solution such as: aisle widths, type of pallets stored, goods in/out locations, personnel routes, picking areas and other components that effect the operation. The overall goal is to achieve a storage solution increase storage of products and improve overall efficiency of a customer’s warehouse operation.

Pallet racking systems have many varieties ranging from conventional styles such as wide pallet racking to very narrow aisle pallet racking, drive in racking and due to industry innovation automated systems from shuttle to crane operated storage solutions.

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems

UK Racking Ltd uses 4 main processes to achieve the same high-quality results across all scales of projects. These are Design, Supply, Install and Maintain. These core principals have been curated over the years of experience and countless successful projects completed, it is out priority to cover every base to present to our customers with options to streamline any solution to make sure you are prepared for the future.


At UK Racking Ltd we one of the UK’s leading warehouse racking solution providers, with over 30 years of experience.

We mix traditional family values and service with forwards thinking designs and warehouse solutions to ensure the correct warehouse pallet racking system to improve your business for the future within your budget. Contact us for one of our team to arrange a free site assessment so we can advise and plan the correct warehouse solution from full turnkey solutions to the need of singular items.

Warehouse Racking being delievered

Warehouse Racking recently installed


At UK Racking Ltd. We offer free site assessments to introduce ourselves, get a total understanding for the customer requirements and sketch out the area to produce and discuss initial ideas and solutions. Our highly skilled in-house CAD team will then draw a clear and detailed plan to show you not just the solution of today but also the future.