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mezzanine floors

A mezzanine floor can work to be a precious resource to the output of your business and will give you the option to double your active workspace and capacity without the need for the expenditure of land. With our experience we can assure you our team is more than competent to deliver a personalised service through a well thought out project planning process and statuary Building Regulation requirements. A mezzanine floor can give you the option to either add extra storage space for the stock manufacturing or allow for extra office space.

At UK Racking LTD we have a team with over 20 years of experience in designing and building either single or multi-tier mezzanine floor systems, including partitioning and suspended ceilings. Our team goes above just designing and installing mezzanine floor projects, we guide you through the process to make sure all available options are considered and so ensuring we deliver a floor that meets your requirements. Alongside this we can also offer a vast range of accessories from decking to staircases and handrails to make your floor fit for your purpose.

Cost effective
A massive benefit of having mezzanine flooring is that it is very cost effective, it’s a good way of doubling or even tripling your floor area to expand productive capacity or to incorporate new office space. As a mezzanine floor system is free standing, they can be installed in a short time frame to offer the maximum benefit with minimal disturbance to your operation. Due to the floor being a free standing structure the floor can also be taken down and moved to other parts of the warehouse if needed providing great changeability to suit your business’s needs.

Safe and versatile
At UK Racking Ltd. it is our priority to make sure the projects we undergo are compliant with all legislation this includes fire protection and building regulations, therefore giving you the confidence that our service is to the highest standard obtainable. Equally the safety of our mezzanine floor projects can be enhanced by the use of mezzanine floor accessories. This can include two or even three tier floors, staircases, cat ladders, lifting devices, bridges and pallet gates. We always make sure to offer full fire protection, safety barriers and access equipment as and when required.

Quick and easy
At UK Racking our floors are pre-engineered and installed using our own certified install team. We only source our mezzanine floors high quality manufacturing methods meaning our projects are implemented to last. The team UK Racking LTD take all the planning and project managing to make sure the mezzanine floor goes together on site as planned and are all covered by the building regulations. This is to give the customer rest assured confidence in our services.


We design types of warehousing solutions for pallet racking, mezzanine floors and commercial interiors. Whatever your needs simply get in touch to discuss and we will try to assist you to create your ideal workspace.


We supply all of our projects under the required time constraints and with little mishap whilst maintaining the highest quality of service and guidance throughout your project.


We install your warehousing solution exactly to your specification as signed off at the design stage so you know exactly what you are expecting with no hidden costs.


A huge part of the UK Racking LTD ethos is building an instant and strong relationship with out customers. It is always important to have a reliable partner who can help you maintain and service your pallet ranking, making sure of your safety and ongoing peace of mind and rest assured confidence in the works being carried out.


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