Pallet Racking - Mezzanine Floors - Commercial Interiors

Bringing high quality service with maximum confidence and minimal mishap.


UK Racking LTD is affiliated to many of the leading manufacturers of pallet racking, which means that we can offer you a wide range of solutions to match your budget, this can be from finding the most competitive price or to carry on from a pre-existing system. We have the freedom to reach out to multiple companies ensuring we are constantly finding the best deal possible. We have spent huge amounts of time to gain great relationships with our manufacturers of Pallet Racking systems which means it allows us to pass any savings onto our customers whilst still delivering a pallet racking solution with the best quality products at our best possible prices.

We use all the major manufactures to supply and install storage systems and pallet racking such as:

  • Link 51
  • Apex, AR
  • Polypal
  • Mecalux
  • Stakapal
  • Dexion
  • Hi-Lo
  • Storax

Quality is key to reliability and safety which are uppermost in our minds when supplying and installing equipment. This is why we only work and deal with the very best manufacturers and suppliers of pallet racking to supply the highest quality equipment at the right price, we make sure we only buy equipment from SEMA certified suppliers and manufactures . When it comes to Commercial Interiors and Mezzanine Floors as always we look at only the best solutions and the very highest quality equipment at the budgets available, to meet any types of needs and wants. We build projects that are don’t just look the part but are fit for purpose and can withstand constant workloads for years to come. Whatever your needs we will source and supply only the very best equipment available.

Project Management

Upon supplying our works our project manager will be on site to overlook the project and make sure things are running smoothly and to plan within the given timescale. Our project manager will be the first port of call for any queries throughout the project, but will be also be providing you with constant information on updates as required. Project management at UK Racking LTD comes from the experience and expertise within the team as great project management is down to having the team up to speed on deadlines and great organisation around the project. A main aspect of this is planning for the foreseeable project with the customer and sales to manufacturing and installation teams. In conclusion, this is all the factors taken into consideration when approaching your project, we do our best to make sure there is great communication, huge confidence in the service provided and that deadlines are met on time and in accordance to the original budget.


We design types of warehousing solutions for Pallet Racking, Mezzanine Floors and Commercial Interiors. Whatever your needs simply get in touch to discuss and we will try to assist you to create your ideal workspace.


We supply all of our projects under the required time constraints and with little mishap whilst maintaining the highest quality of service and guidance throughout your project..


We install your warehousing solution exactly to your specification as signed off at the design stage so you know exactly what you are expecting with no hidden costs.


A huge part of the UK Racking LTD ethos is building an instant and strong relationship with our customers. It is always important to have a reliable partner who can help you maintain and service your pallet ranking, making sure of your safety and ongoing peace of mind and rest assured confidence in the works being carried out.


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