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Narrow aisle pallet racking system

Narrow aisle pallet racking system is great if the space you have is at a premium and you require a dense storage solution system. Normally a reduction in aisle width is around 1.8 meters which means the floor space is much better utilised, which makes it an increase of 45% more than the average standard aisle.  This means that narrow aisle fork trucks must be used, but this is also good because the space you have within your warehouse can be managed much more effienetly.

The best part of using a narrow aisle fork truck is that it can lift higher and work faster than your normal counter balance trucks. This will massively improve your efficiency and improve your pick rate in your warehouse. Each pallet is supported in a narrow aisle configuration, which means it makes it much easier and accessible to the stock and makes the stock rotation as efficient as a wide aisle pallet racking system.

narrow aisle pallet racking

What are the benefits of a narrow aisle pallet racking system?

One benefit that narrow aisle pallet racking provides is a better floor utilisation of 45% making it a perfect system is you are short on space. The pallets are really easily accessible and the way that the racks have been cleverly designed means that stock rotation is efficient.

narrow aisle pallet racking

contact usWhere would narrow aisle pallet racking be best suited?

If you want to optimise your space carefully then narrow aisle pallet racking system is the perfect, for example 80% of the UK warehouse industry use narrow aisle pallet racking system.