live pallet racking


Dynamic Storage Systems

Dynamic Storage or (Live Storage) provides a number of options that can be added to the pallet racking that work with various products including boxes, containers and pallets as the most common types of systems have rollers or conveyers.

Examples of these include Push Back Pallet Racking, Pallet Live Racking and Cartoon Live Shelving. Each of these provide a number of advantages as they are typical implemented to dramatically improve warehouse productivity, from the picking times to the loading and unloading process, these systems are normally found in the food and drink industry because they operate on a First On, First Off (FIFO) principle meaning they are most efficient when stock is ordered or turn around in a short period of time.

Live Pallet Racking

Best storage system for perishable goods/ high turnover products

Benefits to Dynamic Storage Systems

  • Great for industries of perishable goods due to these systems using the First On, First Off (FIFO) principle.
  • Maximizes space as the storage density of goods is high, less aisle space is required
  • Dedicated lanes to replenish and pick stock allowing the management and efficiency of lab our to increase
  • Roller tracks allow for greater efficiency on order times
  • Order errors are minimized as the stock is presented to the picker/ operator


Pallet Live Racking

Pallet Live also known as Gravity Flow Racking is where pallets are loaded onto the slightly inclined side of the rack and comes down the lower side when room is available, stoppers are in the way to prevent the pallet rolling off and causing possible injury or damage of goods.

Also the pallets move down at a controlled speed towards the declined end allowing the easiest picking process for the operator. This is most ideal to those who have a high turnover of products particularly those of perishable goods as Pallet Live Racking runs off the First on, First Off (FIFO) principle. One benefit to this is that the system maximizes the capacity of pallets as this is a high density storage system as the pallets are on a small slope it allows more pallets to be densely packed together on there dedicated lanes compared to those of Drive In Systems.

Rollers take the pallet from one side of the rack to the other using gravity

Gain maximum utilization of floorspace to storage


Cartoon Live Shelving

Cartoon Live Shelving is a Live Storage method that best use is when a variety of stock needs to be picked manually and loaded as it uses and gravity driven system in which the product to present itself to the picker in there dedicated retrieval aisle. As the shelves are tilted it allows the picker to see numerous products and select the correct item, this increases visibility and accuracy of the order. These systems can increase overall warehouse efficiency massively as there the stock organization and stock rotation is automatically done, allowing the need for only a retrieval lane and loading lane keeps labour costs down.

Push Back Pallet Racking

This method of pallet racking uses special beams and a pushback assembly sub frames allowing the carts to move forwards and backwards along the bay. A good point about this pallet racking is that it is a Dynamic Storage System, allowing you to store the pallets back up to five deep maximising your space also allowing your stock to be more organised. This is ideal for warehouses of bulk stock, both where the inventory is slow and fast moving meaning . Push Back Pallet Racking allows the warehouse to get the best stock rotation possible There is also no need for any specialist forklift and therefore can be utilized in most structures. To find out more about how Push Back Pallet Racking works along with the benefits and possible drawbacks, CLICK HERE.