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Pallet Racking Dynamic Storage System

What is a pallet racking dynamic storage system?

Dynamic storage is also commonly known as (live storage). This system consists of any number of other systems that can be added to the pallet racking that will work with the pallets. However a dynamic pallet racking storage system comes in three different forms.



Push back

This method of pallet racking uses special beams and a pushback assembly sub frames running front to back in each bay. The good thing is that the tracks are tilted forward at an angle so when a fork truck pushes a pallet into the bay, the one already there is pushed backwards. However when a pallet from the front is removed the pallet behind will roll down to the front making it easy and quick access. Another good point about this pallet racking Dynamic Storage System is that you can store the pallets back up to five deep maximising your space also allowing your stock to be more organised.

This design of a pallet racking systems works by inserting your products/goods into the back of the structure and removing them from the front. This is a brilliant method of storage because it gives you the best stock rotation every time.  This storage system gives a really good storage density and each carton is supported providing the best level of quality storage. Making errors is massively minimised by giving each product a dedicated lane to be stored in.




Live pallet racking storage system

This storage system works in pretty much the same way as carton live storage, except on a much bigger scale. This system means you can store whole pallets making it an ideal system for fast moving goods that are received and despatched in large quantities. One of the main and best features about this pallet racking system is that is can handle any size of pallet and any shape of pallet.

contact usWhere would this type of pallet racking system be best suited?

Dynamic pallet racking storage system is best suited for goods that are perishable and fast turnaround stock. For example food and drinks industry, this means that is gets delivered in bulk and must be handle quickly and this method makes sure it’s quick and efficient because it has excellent stock rotation.