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Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems

What is a Drive-In Pallet Racking System?

A Drive in Pallet Racking System is a very high and effective way to store pallets in your warehouse. The best part of a Drive In Pallet Racking System is that it does not require any aisles, this system needs a much smaller footprint than the other conventional wide aisle pallet racking system. However the not so good side of the drive in pallet racking system is that its very selective. However if you’re a company that despatches or receives in bulk then this Pallet Racking System is the perfect system for you.


Drive In Pallet Racking


What are the benefits of the Drive-In Pallet Racking System?

If your main objective is storage density within your warehouse, then you definitely need the Drive in Pallet Racking System which would be the ideal solution for you and your business. The best part of this pallet racking system is that it offers the maximum volume of pallet spaces of any types of pallet racking,  due to the fact that every pallet is supported individually this eliminates any damage from occurring.


Drive In Pallet Racking

contact usWhere would the drive-in pallet racking system be best suited?

A drive-in pallet racking system is best suited for the warehouse that has to handle in bulk or seasonal demand goods, where the input and output volumes are at different times. This pallet racking system is also good for companies that despatch in bulk, for example companies that manufacture and supply products to the FMCG sector.