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Mezzanine Floors – Warehouse and Distribution

warehouse mezzanine floors

Installing a single or multi-level mezzanine floor greatly expands storage capacity in dedicated storage facilities, providing a highly cost-effective alternative to relocating.

UK Racking’s Mezzanines provides multi-tier systems and offers full fire protection, safety barriers and access equipment as required.

Our structural steel mezzanine floors are capable of withstanding substantial loads, supporting shelving, racking, pallet trucks, etc. To complement our floors we offer a range of functional handrail, staircase and flooring options, and a selection of pallet gates.

Our value engineering approach, achieved with our proprietary mezzanine floor production system, ensures we are consistently competitive.

UK Racking’s mezzanine floors are installed in some of the largest warehousing and distribution centres in the UK.

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warehouse mezzanine floors