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Mezzanine Structure of a Mezzanine Floor


These are the uprights that are made of steel, which beams are bolted to. They can be supported by bracings to make it more ridged.

Mezzanine Structure


The beams are the section of steel that runs across the top of the columns.  These can be any length and are securely bolted to the columns.


The joist runs at a right angles to the beams, and they also support the decking and reinforce the Mezzanine Structure. This sits on top of the beam or can even be located between the beam webs to reduce the floor depth.  These can vary in length it’s all depended on the floor.

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The decking is the surface of the floor, and is laid on top of the beams. This can be made of chipboard or even steel. We also offer a range off accessories for your mezzanine floor which will be custom to you.

Mezzanine Structure floors are installed by experts at UK Racking LTD. For any quotations on a mezzanine floor do not hesitate to call us.