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Mezzanine Accessories

Lifting devices

In order to access your mezzanine floor we will need to install some sort of lifting device. Examples would be a staircase, conveyors, disabled lift etc.

Pallet gates

When a fork truck is being used, a pallet gate will make sure a safe area is maintained between the worker and the platform edge this is there to prevent any worker from falling from the mezzanine floor when loading or unloading pallets. This also prevents goods from being dropped and injuring people below. At UK Racking we will design and install a pallet gate in any size you need.

Bridges, walkways and ladders

When having a mezzanine floor you would want to look at having either bridges or walkways or even a ladder, this will improve your accessibility and add additional functionality. Normally bridges are more popular for navigating conveyor systems, whilst walkways connect to the mezzanine floors within a single building or warehouse.

Mezzanine Accessories

contactus2Fire protection

Fire protection will provide up to one hour of fire protection, this is a typical requirement of a mezzanine floor. Cladding can be added to the steel work to provide a good fire protection and will also improve the appearance of the structure. Normally we use suspended ceilings to the underside of the mezzanine floor to provide the necessary good level of fire protection.