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Mezzanine Floors

At UK Racking LTD we design and build either single or multi-tier mezzanine floor systems, and we offer full fire protection, safety barriers and access equipment as and when required. When made of structural steel, our mezzanine floors are capable of withstanding substantial loads, supporting shelving, racking etc. Our mezzanine floors have been installed in a huge variety of sites throughout the UK, ranging from the workshops to warehouses and retail units.

Cost effective

The best part of having mezzanine flooring is that it is very cost effective, it’s a good way of doubling or even tripling your floor area, and because its free standing, they can be installed quickly with minimal disturbance to your day.

Safe and versatile

To make sure that a mezzanine floor is safe and precisely fit your needs, at UK Racking LTD we offer a wide verity of options and accessories.  This can include two or even three tier floors, staircases, cat ladders, lifting devices, fire protection, bridges and pallet gates.

Quick and easy

At UK Racking our floors are pre-engineered and installed using our own team. High quality manufacturing methods means that they go together on site as planned and and are all covered by the building regulations.

mezzanine flooring

mezzanine flooring      mezzanine flooring

We can and will increase your warehouse storage capacity with a Mezzanine floor with a price that will suit you. Using our mezzanine floor will increase your storage and workspace capacity in one installation. We offer a full project management which will contain initial surveys and clear constructed copies of designs and drawings. We will take care of building control and provided you at the end with a certificate of building regulations.

mezzanine floors

In the process of building a mezzanine floor, there are lots of key points you need to take into consideration, such as disabled access, Fire Proofing and Building Regulations, but here at UK Racking LTD we take care of all of it for you.
Mezzanine floors are the most cost effective way of doubling or tripling you storage space and floor area.

A mezzanine floor can be installed quickly with hardly any disruption but has a great effect. The mezzanine floor is a free standing structure within a building, which was not part of the original structure of the building. The good thing about our mezzanine floors they are built to order made to measure and are cost effective. We also offer you to a bespoke staircase and other specialist and personal finishing’s and touches.

The good thing about our mezzanine floors it will give you that extra storage space that you never have with inn your current working environment, which works out much more cost effective than relocating to another place with more expense.




contact usA mezzanine floor is an efficient way to use up the vertical space within your current environment giving your company the opportunity to grow with the extra room you have gained.

UK Racking have designed and installed Mezzanine floors all over the UK with a broad range from Retail Mezzanine floors, to multi-tiered mezzanine floors. We have experience and expertise in Mezzanine floors not matter the size or complexity of the Mezzanine floor. .