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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings can look the part but can also be functional. Suspended ceilings are fast to install and also allow easy access for all the fixing pipes and even adding wiring, this also makes them good for being an extra part of your sound barrier. The way they put up a suspended ceiling is from the original ceiling a grid will be hung down, then the tiles are slotted on to the grid to give you and create this new ceiling.

Types of ceilings

We tend to supply and fit out, three types of suspended ceilings, either those one that the tiles are made from mineral fibre, mineral wool or metal.

Mineral fibre

These are available in a number of different textures, mineral fibre ceilings on the whole provide a good acoustic performance. They also contain a good amount of fire resistance. Normally this type of suspended ceiling is laid into an exposed modular suspension system, however this can also be adapted for concealed construction. The typical finish colour for our suspended ceilings are white, but special colours can be provided if needed.

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool suspended ceilings are a very popular choice due to its excellent performance and characteristics in case of a fire. The good part of mineral wool is that its stable over a wide range of temperature’s and also retains its thermal performance throughout the life time of the building.

Recently, green issues have become a significant factor in selection. Mineral Wool is stable over a wide range of temperatures and retains its thermal performance throughout the lifetime of a building.

Over a 50 year life mineral wool tiles will save more than a 1,000 times the quantity of energy used to make them.

MetalSuspended Ceilings

Metal suspended ceilings are manufactured from steel or aluminium. A powder coated finish protects the structure against corrosion, providing awashable, humidity resistant finish. The typical life span of a metal system is 25 years.
The ceilings appearance can be varied using the perforation pattern, finish, size and shape.

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