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Storage Wall Partitions

This usually a bespoke deign, and this adds a wall that contains storage space. The good thing about storage wall is that it utilises that space with in an office environment that otherwise would have been wasted, however these storage walls are great for creating dividing in the walls.  We can provides these storage walls to you in many colours and finishes, to suit your own taste and business.

Cost effective

The concept of storage wall partitions is that it has a double fronted cupboard that also doubles up as a wall. This mean that offices on the other side will be able to share the storage space, or it can be used as a single sided from the back wall behind it.

Internal fittings

There is a vast range of internal fittings, this will increase and improve the look of your design. This means that you can hid away all files and computer equipment and office mess.

Any systems

The good thing about storage wall partitions is that they work well with another partitions making them very cost effective.



storage wall partitionsstorage wall partitions