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There are many different types and styles of partitions they are good if you want to divide an area to create more offices or rooms. Partitions come in loads of different styles and sizes with different colours, but all this will be adjusted to suit you and your needs.

partitionsStandard module

Normally office partitioning is based on a 1200mm wide module and tend to be either solid, part glazed glass or fully solid glazed glass. You can also have internal blinds or switch film for that extra bit of privacy if needed.


There are four main types of partition and these are:

Metal stud

This type of partition is used for a fire rated application and is very cost effective. It also offers a very good sound attenuation properties.

Aluminium framed

Are used for most internal applications/projects where there are no special environment issues.

Storage walloffice partitions

These storage walls are becoming more and more popular because all it is, is an addition to a system which adds a wall that will contain storage space.

Glass Wall

A fully glazed system creates and give you that sophisticated feeling about the environment. We can make theses curved or straight if needed.