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Metal Stud Partitions

metalstudThis is also another very good cost effective partition, and is very commonly used for fire rated applications where there could be a possibility that ambient noise might be a problem.

Simple design

The way metal stud partitions are designed is very simple. This starts with a metal upright or a stud, commonly at 50mm wide, which will support a single or even a double layer of regular plaster board on each side. The good thing about metal stud partition is that it’s fast to construct and there would be hardly any disturbance to your day.

Noise suppression

We can put fibrous sills between the plasterboard sides to reduce the noise and improve and increase fire wall rating. In a lot of situations you will find the stud wid5th will have to increase to 100mm or 150mm to make sure that the walls stay stable over 10 meters and this will offer up to 2 hours of fire protection.