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Lighting and Electrics

To have effective lighting is really a minimum requirement for you and your employee’s visual comfort.  We design and install Lighting and Electrics, we design and install lighting in many places such as retail, warehouse and office environment. With a good quality lighting system that has been installed properly, you will see these benefits: low running costs, health and well-being and task performance.

Lighting and Electrics
 Better lighting contributes positively to: –

  • Task performance (higher speed and lower failure rate)
  • Lower running costs
  • Safety and accidents rate
  • Absenteeism
  • Health and well-being

We can offer conventional Lighting and Electrics or LED Lighting and Electrics – We can show you the potential cost savings in the running costs too and also show you  how much you could reduce your carbon footprint by, with modern lighting.


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