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Glass Wall Partitions

Fully glazed partitioning systems are usually put into place to create a sophisticated workplace environment. We can build glass wall partition either curved or straight and also install internal blinds or a switch film if needed.


Glass Wall Partitions


Top and bottom channels

The good part of using glass wall partitions is that it comes in two designs, on of the designs will have the option with the glass enclosed within an aluminium frame or the glass panels can sit with in a top and bottom channel. You can also choose whether to have you glass clear or tinted depending upon what your needs are.

Door and panels

If you need doors and panels theses can also be added if that is what you require. You can have a single door or double door, or if you want we can also install a sliding door.




Glass Wall PartitionsSingle or double glazed

We offer single or double glazed glass wall partitions are available. If you have double glazed they are also available with internal blinds for that added extra privacy if needed.

Graphic illustration

We also offer for you to add your own personal touch to you partition, we can put custom graphics onto the glass wall which can enhance your own corporate image for your employees and visitors. We will also make sure that the glazed walls meet the requirements of building regulations.